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Artwork Inspired by Alaska’s Wilderness


Turning Photos into Art

My artistic journey begins with a photograph, as my initial sketch and the foundation for each creation.
From there, I apply a delicate touch, using filters to infuse captivating interest and subtle enhancements.

Through these enhancements, I strive to emphasize the intricate details of the image, from the play of colors to the rich textures, composition, and the interplay of light. The result is a collection of artwork that not only captures the essence of Alaska's natural wonders but also offers a fresh perspective on the world that surrounds us.

My artistic process seeks to reveal the hidden nuances of the natural world, often overlooked at first glance. Yet, these details evoke a profound sense of harmony, tranquility, and awe when observed more closely. Each piece tells a unique story, and I invite you to explore this journey through the lens of art.

Greetings from Gustavus, Alaska!

Here, I share my home with my loving spouse and two furry companions. An active participant in this vibrant community, I cherish the friendships and close-knit bonds forged with neighbors and friends.

As a board member of the Gustavus Community Center, my journey into the world of art began to take shape. I’ve had the privilege of writing grants and overseeing the inception of the Gateway Gallery within the Center. This gallery provides a much-needed space for our local artists to showcase their incredible work. Since its launch in the summer of 2022, the Gateway Gallery has been hosting new shows every month, enriching our community’s artistic tapestry.


Being a longtime Alaska resident, I’ve developed a
deep connection with the magnificent landscapes

and the remarkable people that call this place home. It’s this connection that has fueled my passion for art, and I am committed to sharing this passion with others who appreciate the unique beauty of Alaska.

The journey into art has been a natural evolution for me. I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve discovered the joy of changing perspectives. Inspiration strikes me in every corner, from the smallest of details to the grandest of vistas.

Each image tells a story, and I’m excited to share these stories with you

Thank you for joining me in this artistic exploration, and I hope you find as much joy in my work as I do.

Fun Facts About Me


My Guilty Pleasure

  • Reading a good book instead of doing chores


  • Flowers in summer: wild in our meadow and planted along the driveway.
  • Taking care of our 5-acres: creating harmonious and hospitable environment for spending time outdoors.

Must Haves

  • Good internet and cell service
  • Good wood supply

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Simply put, a giclee is a fine art print created by using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer. Prints are made with archival quality inks on high quality paper, with an estimated life before any color change due to time of about 100 years plus.

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